Event Management Software

Save Time

Use our Event Manager to quickly access your customers and their events or parties from any web-enabled computer.


Easily send estimates and invoices to better communicate your products and services.


Manage your customers from anywhere!


We offer PDF and HTML documents tailored to your business. Branded versions also available.

Party Rental Planner is an on-line event management application designed for event rental businesses who rent items such as linens, bounce houses, frozen drink machines, margarita mixers, chocolate fountains, cotton candy machines, and so forth. Our event management software is web-based and accessible to any device that can access the Internet. It offers used the ability to create and share invoices, manage customers, manage rentals, create reports, track inventory, and manage your products. Our goal is to leverage the technology of the Internet to cater to a more tech savvy customer base. More and more people are turning to the Internet to find party rental businesses and relying on the web for more tasks everyday (i.e. booking flights, managing finances, etc). As this reliance of online applications grows, so too do customer expectations for communications with businesses over the web. That is where our software fits within your business needs.


The integrated calendar helps event management owners and managers keep track of past, present, and future rental events. By consolidating information into quick and concise color-coded events, you can stay on top of your rental business and let our event software work for you.

Customer & Event Management

Keep customer information in an easily accessible place. Using the customer manager you can store all the contact information about your clients. An extension of the customer manager is the event manager which separates rentals from customers. This allows customers to have multiple events attached to them (great for business clients). We've included all the fields you need to delivery to your customers or allow them wish to pick up.

Share Invoices & Estimates

With Party Rental Planner, you have the ability to keep invoices online and share links to your customer or user's invoices, as well as their estimates. Rather not have your invoices on the web? No problem - you can generate a PDF version of your invoice and save it for your own records or send it in an e-mail as an attachment.

Product Management

Party Rental Planner is design to cater event equipment rental companies. As such, our event management software can collect specific information about a product that you rent without cluttering the user interface with information about other products. In addition, you have the ability to add an infinite number of fields you deem necessary to track every detail of your equipment.

Conflict Catching

Avoid the embarrassment of overbooking your rental products. Once you have entered the quantity of products being rented, Party Rental Planner will let you know if there is a conflict and how many items you have available before you schedule an event.